Unter der Schwelle

I created Unter der Schwelle with the collaboration of Luca Notarfrancesco and Gabriele Rosati, under the joint name of the open video art collective Leathers Production. This non-narrative video alludes to themes like faith, nature and Man’s haughtiness.


The presentation blurb ran as follows:

God is dead. So we raised new idols to overcome the grief.

Nature is one of them.

Getting lost in nature, returning to nature, they are just new forms of faith.

Nevertheless, Nature is an indifferent god and we are likely to be overpowered.

Unter der Schwelle signifies Sublime, etymologically from the Latin "sub limen", in English: Under the threshold.


'When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you' F.W.N.

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