Nonno Ulisse Sogna Le Sirene

The air is foggy as the audience enters from backstage during the prologue.

An irregular beam of light is coming from above as the people are taking their seats and it looks like when someone dives deep into water and the sun rays filter through.

Nonno Ulisse Sogna le Sirene (Grandpa Ulysses Dreams about the Sirens) is a show which blends different times and different stories. The mythical story of Ulysses mixes up in the mind of an old man with the same name who is trying to remember his youth. Was Penelope his wife or just his in-home nurse? Are the sirens really mythical creatures or they are just dancers in a miserable nightclub?

The projections of rough water mix up and transform the scene and the performers. At first it is a foreshore bathed by waves, then a river and later a tempest.

Even the shining scales of the mermaids might as well be some trashy lights for an erotic show and when it starts to rain you can see white marble bodies falling from the sky.

The projection is not just a backcloth, it is part of the dramaturgy.