Lighthouse Brighton

During the 2019 Brighton Festival, I was commissioned by Lighthouse to capture the series of events and performances revolving around the exhibition Distorted Constellations.

This work created by Nwando Ebizie is inspired by her rare neurological disorder Visual Snow, which causes visual distortions such as flickering dots, auras and glowing lines. The audience experienced a mythical version of the disorder, entering an alternate Afrofuturist (a black perspective on the politics and culture of science fiction and technology) reality, inspired by research into the neuroscience of perception and drawing on rituals of African origin.

In the exhibition, partitions, screens and threads created a labyrinth through the space, with walls doubling up as screens where holograms and videos are projected. It was particularly stimulating to capture on video the layering and overlapping of different fields of vision to create a perceptible representation of the neurodivergent perception of reality experienced by people affected by Visual Snow.