For the DROMe runway show during Paris Fashion Week 2016 I have been commissioned to create two projection based installations as pre-show before the actual presentation of the collection.

The given inspirations were the abstract pattern drew on some pieces of the collection and the photography of Deborah Turbeville.

The main installation consisted of a large projection of this pattern animated by me to become a living and organic surface. The hypnotic movements of the lines were captured and reflected by two performers, dancing in the light of the projection.

The rhythm was odd, the slowest gesture followed by a sudden burst of energy and emotions.

The other installation was a single channel video miming the physical presence of the performers. White shadows of the same girls moving in a suspended space.

The pattern takes over them contaminating the environment and their shapes and lines blend with the drew ones in a mesmerizing way.

Direction: Marianna Rosati


Editing and animation:

Leonardo Lami


Additional editing:

Luca Notarfrancesco



Lisa Savini e Martina Conti


Single channel video footage:

Gabriela Sandoval