Addio Roma

Lascivious and gloomy, but yet care-free and alluring: this is the world of Addio Roma (Goodbye Rome) a contemporary opera theatre show directed by Eleonora Gronchi and freely inspired by Petronius’s Satyricon.

The characters seem stuck in an everlasting party mood where vice and lust are the groundings for every interaction. Even the philosophy gave away its integrity and morality.

There is just Ottavia, the Queen regent betrayed and abandoned, who shed some light on the misbehaviours of the others with her torch.

In the same way beams of light intercept fragments of bodies, objects and actions, but everything is stained and transformed unnaturally. The lack of morality in the society changes the colour of reality. These projections are cast on a wall made of strings which in the end will be torn apart trapping the vicious in a web made of their own sins.

The show has been presented at the Fondazione Zucchelli in Bologna and it is a Zero Crediti production.

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